It’s a new day, It’s a new life, and I’m feeling …



Usually that’s not how the song goes. I would know – Bubbles is by far one of my most beloved crooners. Something about his voice, it just melts me.

But I digress.

As my co-blogger/partner in crime/haven’t seen her in ages friend oh so helpfully pointed out, I haven’t made my presence felt on here. But the strange thing is, it’s not due to a lack of things to say, opinions to voice. I find myself feeling void these days. I have so much to do between the paper, Spanish, my degree, 2 jobs and now the radio that I don’t tend to get a moment to stand still and smell the roses. Not that there are any roses here but you understand my general meaning. The point is, I feel like I haven’t breathed in what feels like ages. Life seems to be passing me by – I’m doing all of these things, taking all of these opportunities but I’m so numb to it all that I may as well be doing it on auto-pilot.

There comes a time when you stop chasing the big things and learn to enjoy the little pockets or moments that life gives you (a bit heavy and potentially depressing but hear me out on this thought..) I had come to embrace the little moments, love them even but it now feels like I’m living underwater. There are two separate worlds in the sense that I’m both part of the world (I do everything, I talk to everyone, I smile, I laugh, I eat, I sleep) but at the same time, everything is like white noise. My mind is so overwrought that it’s stopped processing anything. The world feels silent.

And if there’s one thing I have never been good with, it’s the silence.


A Fresh Start


Hello world and Internet.


This blog marks an endeavour by my best friend and I to share our views and thoughts with the world. As the literary half of this awesome pair, I’ve been charged with our first post but I fear that this hayfever is clouding my creative judgement. So I’ve decided that’s what my post if going to be about – what do you write (or say) when you have nothing TO write (or say … obviously).


One piece of advice I’ve been given constantly throughout my writing life is that you should constantly be writing SOMETHING. Whether it’s an observation you make that day or your opinion on something, writing should be a habit to nurture – like exercise. Just as you would build up a workout routine, you should build up a writing routine. And the main reason behind this is that when you write, you develop and discover your voice. A voice that will change many times in your life as you grow and change as a person, that will develop with the different experiences you have. The act of writing gets you in touch and familiar with that unique voice of yours. So do something. Anything!


And the second piece of advice is, read. Broaden your knowledge and enrich your mind by soaking up the words of others. Read the classics, read thrillers, read romance, read children’s stories. By reading, not only are you provided with more inspiration but your vocabulary increases. And when you’re in the business of writing, you’re in the business of words. Words are like currency so the more you know, the richer you are! And it’s the best kind of richness – there are no cons to having a wide vocabulary.


But most importantly. Remember that writer’s block happens to everyone – even the non writers. The more you stress about it, the longer it’ll last and the worse it’ll get. This doesn’t mean you should get lazy and stop writing (write something – even if it’s crap or one sentence long). It just means that you should stop putting so much pressure on your poor brain and open yourself up to inspiration from everything that surrounds you.


Okay enough lecturing. This first post has been pretty heavy but hopefully I’ve imparted something useful.


Over to you, Emily! Happy posting 😀