About Us



She’s a 22 year old, British gal with Chinese and Malaysian heritage. She’s currently exhausted having finished her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at Manchester Metropolitan University. She plans on living in her room for the next couple of months watching films and re-living her childhood properly by attempting to play video games and failing miserably. (Because inside good, outside bad.)

She enjoys the sound of thunder, the rattling of small objects being sucked up into a hoover (or vacuum), and breath-taking views of the countryside (because she’s really unfit and will probably be wheezing before the hike, only to reach to the top of a hill or cliff and be stolen of her last breath).


She’s a procrastinating pro with a knack for creativity. 20 years old, she’s British too but was born in India and is studying English Literature at the University of Central Lancashire. She enjoys reading books (occupational hazard) and correcting grammar but can usually be found dead asleep well into the late afternoon. Or early evening. She has an ever growing list of movies and TV Shows to watch and books to read.

She loves the sound of the rain and petrichor (amazing word and Dr Who reference all in one – look it up). She thinks one of the greatest feelings in life is sitting inside in monsoon weather, sipping a hot cup of tea and watching the rain. She enjoys walking and hiking too but her crippling hayfever allergy often makes it incredibly difficult.


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