Homemade gifts.


Whether it’s birthdays or the holidays, I love making and receiving homemade gifts. They just mean so much more to me when someone you know has dedicated time to producing a gift, and it means EVEN more to me because I know how long it sometimes takes to make these things.

So when a certain someone’s anniversary (i.e. mine) came round, I decided that it would be nice to make the gifts rather than buying them (cue the sock bunny from Friends, which I actually really wanted to make but then decided that it probably wouldn’t even register on the receiver’s mind as a Friends reference).


Although I am no good at making physical objects, I have been known to draw a little and therefore decided to use that to my advantage. After many hours of drafts and dead-end ideas, I came up with this:


The writing on the bottom says: “I pika-choose you!”.

What I got in return was so much cuter:


I feel pretty bad having neglected this blog a little, BUT it is only because I am working on a few projects for Christmas and a birthday that is way too close to Christmas (I’m looking at you, Jas)! I’m hoping my days get filled with much more PhD-ness so I can update the blog with my PhD happenings!



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