Homemade gifts.


Whether it’s birthdays or the holidays, I love making and receiving homemade gifts. They just mean so much more to me when someone you know has dedicated time to producing a gift, and it means EVEN more to me because I know how long it sometimes takes to make these things.

So when a certain someone’s anniversary (i.e. mine) came round, I decided that it would be nice to make the gifts¬†rather than buying them (cue the sock bunny from Friends, which I actually really wanted to make but then decided that it probably wouldn’t even register on the receiver’s mind as a Friends reference).


Although I am no good at making physical objects, I have been known to draw a little and therefore decided to use that to my advantage. After many hours of drafts and dead-end ideas, I came up with this:


The writing on the bottom says: “I pika-choose you!”.

What I got in return was so much cuter:


I feel pretty bad having neglected this blog a little, BUT it is only because I am working on a few projects for Christmas and a birthday that is way too close to Christmas (I’m looking at you, Jas)! I’m hoping my days get filled with much more PhD-ness so I can update the blog with my PhD happenings!



Livin’ Large


I did it! After applying relentlessly to internships and work experience, I FINALLY managed to get a placement at a magazine in London. I won’t lie – getting here was NOT easy. Having to sort out accommodation, travel and food without bankrupting myself is quite difficult. I nearly lost all my hair (so much for not worrying as much this year!)

And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

I’ve never been in a business environment so what I didn’t anticipate was the feeling of sheer TERROR when i walked into those offices. When movies show you magazine offices and it looks too good to be true? It’s not. It’s really really not. I’m romanticising it a bit – I know I am. I’m just a small town girl (..living in a lonely world – no, just kidding. I won’t type out an entire Journey song) who hasn’t spent any significant amount of time in London so naturally I’m going to romanticise it.

But that doesn’t make what I’m trying to say insignificant. And what I’m saying is this: I walked into that office on Monday and even though I was terrified and spent the entire day on the verge of a panic attack (and was aided by my dear co-blogger), I knew the instant I walked in there that this is where I wanted to spend my life. The publishing industry has been my dream for so long that seeing it become a reality for even 2 weeks is an experience I will never forget. So far I’ve transcribed interviews, helped compile lists for future issues (events, books, other things to include) and not for a single second have I been bored or fed up.

This is it world. I have found my place and I will fight tooth, nail and claw to make it here.