Getting creative.


The date is looming and soon I’ll be going back to University as a postgraduate. In fact, it’s just 9 days away! Just the thought of it gives me flashbacks to my undergrad days where I would spend most of my time studying, resolving problems and using logic and analytical skills to conduct research. This is why, in these few days of creative freedom that I have, I’ve decided to go all out and fit as many creative projects as I can. Of course, if any of you are following this blog, you’ll have noticed my cross stitching attempts and that will obviously have to continue throughout the year if I have any chance of finishing it within my lifetime! Apart from that, I have been trying out new baking recipes, making new hair accessories and using my shiny new sewing machine to make myself a rather nice bean bag chair. I’m not going to lie, it feels good.

Cherry Chocolate Cake  Rose clips  Sewing machine  Beanbag Chair

I tried baking a rustic looking, thrown-together black forest gateaux using the fantastic recipe from Zoe Bakes. I have to say, my attempt looks quite close to the original, which sometimes is not the case! It tasted delicious, with good balance between the richness of the chocolate cake and the tangy taste of the black forest fruits. I used brandy in mine with frozen black forest fruits instead of just frozen cherries (couldn’t find a place that sold them!).

The hair clips were a creative project that has been a long time coming. Having bought all the necessary pieces about two months ago, they have been sat on a chest of drawers, untouched. Until now. All pieces were bought in an adorable shop in Afflecks Palace, Manchester called ‘The Bead Shop’. It is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and these clips took just a few minutes to assemble and a few more minutes for the glue to dry. Now I have these super cute rose crocodile clips to add that little bit extra to my updo. Perfect.

My new sewing adventures have begun after I received a sewing machine for my 21st from my sister’s boyfriend. I spent a lot of the time admiring it and searching up sewing projects for beginners. That’s when I came across this: a 30 minute bean bag chair. Granted, it took me much longer than 30 minutes and I experimented with the measurements in hope to create an adult size, but the finished product, although a bit strange looking, was pretty good for a first timer.

All in all, the creative projects have been awesome and hopefully I can squeeze some more in before term starts!




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