Happy Birthday :D


Happy Birthday Emily! I know this isn’t usually the kind of stuff we post on here – when we do get round to posting stuff but I thought why not immortalise your 21st on t’ tinternet? (Dontcha just LOVE the yorkshire accent? 😛 ) 


So yeah – HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You’re awesome and I love you and you deserve the best birthday in the world on this fine, slightly rainy day (hey it’s England – what more do you expect really?). We’ve talked about the future a lot and how we’re all heading into different directions now that uni is coming to a close but I know that when people want to stay in touch, they make the effort because they’re invested in the relationship. And isn’t time the biggest investment really? So I know we mean it when we say that we’ll always make the time to talk to each other and get up to shenanigans because it’s simply what we love to do! Plus we’re both more than a lil crazy and you know what they say – there’s safety in numbers! 


ANYHU, before I ramble on too much, I’ll just wrap up by saying I hope this year brings only great things for you and also that I love you loads and here’s to many many birthdays shared together because you’re the bestest friend a girl could ask for and I love ya 🙂 



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